Mall Services

Mall Services


From underwriting to due diligence, our Regional Mall Services team provides seamless transitions and delivers value.

Madison Marquette offers owners of regional malls a specialized platform focused on defining and executing comprehensive and accretive strategies to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing regional mall assets today. Supported by the full Madison Marquette Real Estate Services platform, our Regional Mall Team works diligently with ownerships to achieve the investment objectives for each asset.

The Madison Regional Mall Team provides well-coordinated, seamless services including underwriting and due diligence support, re-development, leasing, property management and marketing services specifically tailored to each asset. Our goal for each asset simply stated – drive and maximize NOI.

Madison Marquette’s Regional Mall Team is led by seasoned professionals with decades of mall-specific experience. At the core of our Team’s expertise and experience are relationships with national and regional tenants critical to creating and maintaining a shopping mix that is relevant and sustainable in today’s competitive and challenging retail shopping environment.
In-house experts are available to tour a property or market, review financial statements and provide leasing and operating budget consultation.  Our full service team will mobilize to thoroughly and efficiently review all related due diligence materials to formulate a strategic plan that meets the investment objective.

Our familiarity with the mall through the due diligence process enables us to effectively transition an asset to ensure consistency in rent collection, tenant and vendor relations and day-to-day operations. From construction to merchandising and marketing to property management, Madison Marquette’s Regional Mall team has perfected the art of developing and executing a value creation plan.

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Tom Gilmore  |  |  (323) 602-5311

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