Strategic Merchandising, ACCRETIVE LEASING

Our innovative and forward thinking merchandising captures the attention and obtains the loyalty of the communities we serve.

Defining and successfully executing the most accretive leasing strategies for each asset is at the core of Madison Marquette Real Estate Services. We apply our comprehensive set of services to work in concert to support the realization of asset-specific leasing objectives. Our approach to leasing each asset is straightforward

  • Each leasing effort is led by a senior member of Madison Marquette’s leasing team who is accountable for delivering the scope of services and results expected by our Clients.
  • Our leasing teams develop a targeted tenant plan that is derived from the specific vision and investment objectives for each asset, and develop the “Leasing Story” and collateral marketing materials that best articulate each story.
  • We leverage our in-house national leasing platform, our extensive tenant data base and appropriate outside broker networks in each market to aggressively market the asset to the targeted tenant list.
  • We diligently track and report on leasing progress through a proprietary tenant prospect tracking and reporting software – documenting prospective tenant discussions, ensuring lease terms are in accordance with leasing budgets and helping to expedite the leasing process in an accurate and timely manner.
  • Once a lease is finalized, our property management and tenant coordination teams work to ensure that tenant build-outs are completed according to plans, budgets and schedules.

For retail and mixed-use properties, MMRES is at the forefront of identifying current and relevant trends in retail and dining trends and appropriately incorporate these trends when creating asset-specific merchandising strategies. We have developed in-house expertise in curated food halls with Madison’s acquisition of the “Oxbow Market” in Napa Valley, CA. as well as bringing forward emerging “click to brick” retail brands from around New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other emerging urban shopping districts throughout the country.

For more information, please contact:

Thomas Gilmore  |  Thomas.Gilmore@MadisonMarquette.com

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