Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management


Design & Construction Services from Concept to Completion.

Madison Marquette Real Estate Services provides a full menu of design, construction and tenant coordination services. Madison’s Design and Construction Services Group has recognized expertise in executing complex and value enhancing construction projects including comprehensive asset redevelopment, incorporating traditional and non-traditional tenants into existing centers, adaptive re-use of retail anchor boxes, re-working of the physical environment to support accretive re-tenanting, and upgrading the use of out parcels and underperforming aspects of existing centers. Working collaboratively and synergistically with asset management, leasing, property management and skilled outside consultants, Madison’s Design and Construction Management teams plan and execute programs on budget and on time.

Our all-inclusive design and construction services include:

  • Pre-Construction conceptualization, planning, budgeting and design including preparation of preliminary project plans for project specific statements of scope, milestone schedule, and project budget
  • Diligent management of outside project consultants including the architects, engineers, and others as required for each specific project
  • On-Site Project Construction Management of landlord/base building and tenant build out work ensuring adherence to design, budget and critical path targets as defined in lease and construction agreements
  • Regular meetings with project principals at which all aspects of the project plan (scope, schedule, and budget) are reviewed utilizing our best in class accounting and scheduling software

For more information, please contact:

Peter Cole  |  |  (202) 730-2020

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